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LMS Defense Carbine 1 After Action Report -  In the LMS Carbine 1 course a majority of our shooting was done between 25 yards and 75 yards. I enjoyed this approach because it was one of the first carbine courses that I have been to where the focus was oriented a little more toward intermediate distances. However there was a fair amount of shooting that was done at 25 yards and closer and from 75 to 100 yards. I enjoyed the focus on intermediate distances.   [more >>]
Magpul Dynamic Handgun 1 & 2 After Action Report -  As is normal in most training classes I¬íve attended, we had a wide variety of skill sets in the class (from beginner to advanced). Several students had been to other classes, but for several students this was their first class. The training started off on a very basic level and in a short period of time the entire class was moving along at a steady and progressive pace. None of the students had any major issues. It was nice to see how quickly the newer students were learning and applying the material that was being taught.   [more >>]